About Peace Wings

I have been doing t-shirts design using zazzle.com and Cafepress.com for over 12 years. I started when my son was born. The first design I made was this.

Peace Wing T-shirt
Peace Wing T-shirt

My son was born in 2006 and back then, Afgan & Iraq war was happening, and the whole world is going to a frightful place. I also have concerns about the environment. The weather is getting harsh, it’s like either too much rain or too little rain. Wishing this world will be a peaceful one for my son and everybody, I kept making peace t-shirts. It’s actually hard to keep the peace even for yourself and people close to you and I know one person cannot change anything of this world or anybody.

Some days, I would count stuff that I don’t have and feel very pessimistic but somedays  I would feel very optimistic and a little talk with someone lifts up my feelings and just accept who I am.

I try to appreciate that I sleep in a cozy bed or futon and have snacks and make food my own and enjoy living.

I know there are people with more means and blessed than I am, but I need to feel appreciated for who I am, and eventually, that leads to the bigger peace.

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About me

Born and raised in Japan, I lived in Hokkaido and Tokyo. I worked in Tokyo for some years at a trading company then decided to study in America. After taking a graphic design course, I started working as a graphic designer for some years and had kids. I kept designing t-shirts as a hobby/lifework. Usually, I work at a Japanese company in L.A. and raising kids.