Anime that I watched during “stay at home”

I watch anime series with my kids via Netflix or another anime network. We would watch before covid started, but anyways during 2020 we watched..

  1. Damon slayer
    This anime got really popular in Japan and later released the movie became a huge hit. I started meditating around the time we started watching this, the technique when they slay the demons, there are techniques for breathing. “First breathing, fire slayer!” The movie released in Japan in October of 2020, and in the U.S. in April 2021. I just watched it last week (may 22) I’ve already heard spoil alert, I wish we watched sooner!Tanjiro’s Earings

2)Hunter × Hunter
The characteristic of Gon (hero) resembles Tanjiro from Damon Slayer, which is, kind, brave, really caring for their friends and families, (wait, that applies to most anime heroes) This anime has spiritual concepts especially in season 2. This had a lot of episodes and as we close to the end, I don’t want the series to end forever!Gon & Killua T-shirt

3)  Violet Evergarden
This is made by Kyoto Animation. You can’t watch this without tears. A girl brought up as a human weapon doesn’t know about feelings and emotions wants to know what is love. After the war, she started to work as a letter ghostwriter. She eventually knows feelings and what love means. Beautiful drawing. I really love this anime.

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