Dark thoughts, sucked into the black hole

I was talking with my cousin in Japan, she read a book about a black hole is actually the start of everything.

Blackhole is known to swallow everything. What will happen after that? I don’t know.

about 4 years ago from now, I happened to make this design,

“Blackhole – suck out that black thought to far far away galaxy.” pillow.

Black Hole Pillow
Black Hole Pillow

That was the time I had so much trouble in my life such as my family’s health, my marriage/relationship changes, etc, etc.

I wished all my troubles will suck into the black hole and disappear.

In yoga’s teaching, even when you have something bothering you, just observe what is your thought, acknowledge your concern, disconnect your emotion from that. Easy to say, hard to practice but it actually helps you.

We might have everyday worries and trouble but we also have everyday chores and work otherwise we can’t make living. Don’t focus on what you can’t control just need to admit the fact and keep living I guess.

Lay your head on this blackhole pillow and imagine all your dark thoughts and trouble will suck into a far far away galaxy.