Finished watching Terrance House Tokyo

I watched Terrace House Tokyo last week obsessively. I was going to watch the rest of it and I realized I finished watching all episodes already.

The next episodes come on automatically so didn’t even realize It went into season 2 nor I was at the last episode, the 19th. It ended when Kaori left the house.  When Peppe comes into the house I was like, he’s so handsome and has good characteristics, and talented!

But at the same time, I’ve seen the sad news about Hana chan, I was curious how they are going to show the whole thing.

I guess they decided not to show Hana chan’s episode at all.

I’ve read the news so I kind of knew what was going on but not the details. I read on the web what was the conversation and thought oh, that was flaming material.

I wonder what is the mentality who writes attacking comments. Do they want the person to die? Right now a musician Cornelious was going to do an Olympic opening ceremony is on fire because he bragged in the interview a long time ago about how he bullying people with special needs when he was young.

I was a huge fan of a unit “Flippers Guitar” by him and Ozawa Kenji back in the ’90s. I was more fan of Ozaken and when I read the detail about how Cornelius bullied the victims, I was really disappointed. He sounded even proud of how he did terrible things to them. But, if you give him harsh comments now, it doesn’t help for anything.

If people leave mean comments from their justice, they should use that in the right way. Do they confront the bullies if they witness something going on in front of them? I bet most of them can’t say anything.

I wish they can use that Energy for improving poverty, education gaps, corruption, etc.

So, Online bullying from someone you don’t know is the same as junk mail.