Glowing Colorful Peace Sign

I was searching words “Peace Sign” and I discovered “Peace Sign Middle Finger” lyrics, a song by The Front Bottom. I might as well saw the youtube video.

Peace and middle finger (fuxx you) are totally opposite meaning, it’s like love and hate, calm and loud, nothing and everything… It’s so different but maybe it’s coming from the same place?

Married couple divorces, it started from love, and then they hate each other and file for divorce. It all started from love, it wasn’t meant to be that way. People want to have a peaceful life, peaceful mind, and then, sometimes stuff happens beyond your control.

We grief, cry, asking the god, “Why is it happening?” “Why me?” it’s like a tornado, eventually your mind calms down, overlooking your own situation. You’ll talk with friends, family, read some columns and watch youtube videos looking for an answer.  “What’s life?”

I came to the conclusion, try to see the brighter side of the situations.

There are 2 sides to everything. Ying and Yang, I need to choose a brighter side for my inner peace.


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