I had a lucid dream!

Do you know lucid dreams?

That’s what you realize in your dreams that this is a dream.

And you can control your dreams as you wish.

The law of attraction means that you really feel that you are in the ideal state and that you can believe in it, but you can’t believe it is true in a dream.

So if you have a lucid dream, you want to immerse yourself in your ideal world! I thought.

I recently watched it.

The first half of my dream was a normal dream, then I heard myself saying,

“Do you know that this is a dream?”

Then I realized that I’m dreaming so I decided to fly.

However, there is some floating feeling, but I can’t see the scenery.

I thought I couldn’t see the scenery

A Google Earth-like vision pops out and an alarm sounds and ends…

I saw somehow the next day.

A dream on the way back from the station to the house where I lived with my parents when I was young.

From the station, the house is hard to climb uphill.

On the way, I realized that I dreamed and tried to fly, but it didn’t work out, and I didn’t feel that I was controlling it as half reality as a consciousness in the dream.

It seems difficult to manipulate dreams. I need more practice but since then, I haven’t had any lucid dreams.

Gift for Mom

Gift for Mom

by peacewing