I had No Choice but to Vaccinate

I hadn’t had the covid vaccine until now

But finally, my work pressured me.

I found out that starting in November, only vaccinated people will be allowed to enter the U.S. unless they are U.S. citizens, and restaurants are slowly closing their doors unless you have a vaccination card. I’ve heard that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to go places without a vaccination card. That’s why.

I got my first dose on Monday of this week.

The reasons why I didn’t want to get the vaccine:

it protects against certain types of covid but not others, it lowers the original immunity, and the side effects of the vaccine are blood clots, myocarditis, cerebral hemorrhage.

I wanted to make my blood flow smoothly.

I was out of onions, (they are good for blood flow) so I went to the store to buy some (eating them raw is even better), and ordered some pine needle tea from Amazon that a friend told me about. It strengthens your immune system. (not FDA approved blah blah)

Made an appointment at a nearby pharmacy and CVS around 4:30. I left the office a bit early. (it’s paid)

I had a nurse do my appointment in a little partitioned area.

She was a very nice person, and while we were making small talk, she asked me when I thought it had Covid 19. (after I said I had antibody) When I told her it was the end of 2019, she replied, “It was so bad around me back then too. I’m glad I didn’t know about it,” and before I knew it, the vaccination was done.

Fifteen minutes later, I was on my way home. After that, I had no adverse reactions. I was so relieved. Well, the others didn’t seem to have the first one, and more than half of them had some kind of reaction, so three weeks later, I guess.

Pumpkin on my heart