In this corner of the world – A Japanese Anime

Long run Japanese Animation Movie

In this corner of the world is a Japanese animation movie. This animation illustrates how ordinary Japanese citizens survive in world war II era.

Suzu is a girl who likes to draw.  She grew up in a loving family and she got married to a guy she didn’t know to a city of Kure, a city a few hours away by a train from her hometown Hiroshima.

How did the ordinary people survived the war

The city of Kure had a war plant making warships, so this city was a target of American attacks. Suzu still continue to live finding everyday life beauty, try to make best out of it.

It gets pretty sad because food got scarce, had so many nights attacked and people can’t sleep well, and then pretty sad, traumatic thing happened.. Please just watch in a theatre near you or in Netflix!!

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Education towards war in Japan

Growing up in Japan, my generation got an education of “War makes people miserable” mindset. When I was the first grade, we read how elephants in a zoo had to starve to death because zookeepers couldn’t give an injection to them to euthanasia because their skin is too thick. The elephants did tricks trying to get some snacks as a reward. Zookeepers were also so sad, they loved the elephants but they don’t want the elephant to go free if the bomb hit the zoo.

Is war good or bad?

I was surprised to see the people in the U.S. don’t seem to have the same value.  They don’t think “War is a bad thing” I was surprised when Iraq war and Afgan war ware about to happening, they seem to have more like “Yeah, do the war!” mindset.

Why? Americans got wealthy by the war, especially after the World War II.  This business model didn’t always work after Vietnam, but it’s still powerful.

Who’s benefitting from the war?

It’s really important to know war make people sad and suffering, especially for the ordinary people at the site.