I killed a fly at night

A few days ago I saw a big-sized fly inside of the house and saw that again in my bedroom. No way, he can’t stay here! It will fly around while I’m in asleep. I close the door and decided to fight it.

I got “Awesome” cleaner spray on my hand. 99 cents store sells them and it works for cleaning and kills bugs.  By the way, bugs are killed by that because it covers their airway, not because that soap is very toxic.

The fly was very quick and won’t stop. Missed so much shot. I watch it but somehow the fly disappears sometimes! I need to wash the comforter tomorrow…

Exhausted after 15 minutes of trying. I remember watching the news about one Chinese guy, his either date or job interview, something important was interrupted by a fly. Since then He hated flies and became so good at killing flies with his hand. He was like a master…

I told about that to my daughter fighting to the fly with me, she says “Bring him here!” I don’t know where he is, and he won’t arrive for a few days.

After some close hit, the fly’s movement is getting slower and my daughter did a good shot at it and our fight has ended.

Peace & Love Skull wings for Halloween

Peace Skull with wings for Halloween