Living on a budget and it’s hard

I noticed a feature called Manage and spending in the Chase bank’s app, so I took a look at it and was impressed by how clever it is, as well as the fact that I have been using it for a little over a month since I started using it because it was an area I had felt but ignored.

This feature allows me to see at a glance how much money is coming into my bank account and what I am spending. In particular, I pay most of my expenses by credit card and pay the statement amount as it is. By doing so, I can earn points and no interest accrues every month.

But I didn’t look at what they were spending in detail, and since the credit cards were also from the same bank, I could see the reports very wisely divided into different areas.

Since the amount of money I receive is not very large, it is almost all spent on rent and other fixed costs, and the small remainder is spent on food and other expenses.

Hard Worker Mug

The amount of money that can be spent each month is not much at all. It is depressing, but I suspect there are many people like that who live in urban areas. Living on a budget is hard. Do you know exactly how much you can spend?

I tried not to watch them because I found them depressing. I tried not to waste money as much as possible. It is a level that a normal person would not be able to achieve.

However, I am not starving, as there is always a stock of meat in the freezer and some kind of dry food. I am strengthening myself that I am living a good life there in the long history.

Only your own skill is the key to good food on a tight budget.

I saw a post on insta and youtube by an office worker living on food 4,000 yen ($26.6) a week.(I don’t think you can buy the same contents in the U.S. because prices are different between Japan and the U.S.) I liked and saved the insta videos, and then similar ones started showing up one after another, and various recipes started accumulating on insta. I made several of them.

Bread, in particular, is expensive when you buy it, so the recipe for kneading at night and baking in the morning looks simple enough in the video, but when you try it, it doesn’t turn out exactly as in the video, but it takes practice.