Power stone shop in Long Beach

One Saturday in April, my daughter and I went to the shopping spree! First, went to Marshalls, then 2nd street (second hand store) bought some outfits for my daughter and I.

Then, my daughter was saying, she saw a tiktokker says “smoky quartz will balance your upset mood” so she needs it when she gets angry when I tell her to finish her homework.

I’ve heard this power stone shop in Long Beach but haven’t visited yet, so we decided to go.

Long Beach is not far from where we live, but haven’t really explore. That’s when restaurants started have outside and inside seating.

This town has a lot of historical buildings and feels like “good old America days”

I loved this power stone shop called “re circle home” has a tons of spiritual stuff I love.

We got candles, stones, palo santo (to purify)


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