Still watching Terrace House and I draw cats

I’m watching episode 12~ around Kenny and Risako left the house.

I like watching romantic stuff among them, but I also enjoy when they are talking about their life or work, life purposes, especially when they gave advice to Ruka, the youngest.

I’ve watched American reality show series just once, “Apprentice” with Donald Trump. The purpose of the show was different so the contestants were more hostile against each other on that show, so it’s not a good comparison. But this Terrace house shows more real relationships among friends.

I like this show because even though this is a romance-themed show but it doesn’t get too sexy or aggressive against each other.

This show reminds me of when I first come to America. I shared an apartment with my Japanese friend. She had more friends than I did and her friends came over to our place and we hang out a lot. My roommate was a photography major and I was taking graphic design classes so we would doodle on the sketchbook. I still have that.

This show reminds me of that time and I went to buy a sketchbook last Monday. I draw my friend’s cat.

cat sketch

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