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  • Peace flower t-shirt

      Super cute/kawaii Flower t-shirts, blue sky, clouds, flowers.

  • Kawaii! Fluffy! puppy, parakeet, pets

    Kawaii = Cute Kawaii fluffy companion = pets. They sooth your pointed heart, they don’t betray you. They show you unconditional love. Trust you, needs you, can’t live without you! I hand draw cute, kawaii fluffs and made some t-shirts. Kawaii Bird

  • Peace sign with wings

    Peace Wing T-shirt Hi! Thank you for visiting PeaceWings.com

  • Peace Wing T-shirts and more

    Peace Wing Desing T-shirts peace wing T-Shirt by falkdesigns I started making peace t-shirts after my son was born. He was born in 2006. Back then, the world seemed a little uncertain under Bush administration. I don’t want my son to fight in the war, I want a peaceful world.

  • Shein the Clothing Store, Find your summer stuff!

    My summer shopping was done at Shein.com usShein.com I bought one t-shirt, 2 pants, 1 kimono and all of my order was just around $50! Amazing deals going on. I haven’t got my stuff yet but I’m half done for my summer outfit shopping. Kimonos Perfect for the even in the summertime pretty chilly California…