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  • I’ll get serious from tomorrow (or today)

    Yesterday I was feeling sick but by the end of the day, I was feeling much better. I feel fine by the morning and can smell in the back of my nose, the feeling when I’m recovering from the cold.  I didn’t go anywhere and just did chores I couldn’t do yesterday like vacuuming and…

  • Hard Worker gets the job done Mouse pad

    Hard Worker Gets the job done Mouse Pad by peacewing Great gift for your co-worker or for yourself. The mouse pad is a must item for the office worker.  This hard worker gets the job done mouse pad has the essence of feng shui. The color yellow represents money luck. “Hard Worker” logo also have yellow/gold color…

  • Hard Worker -gets the job done-

    Hard workers support this world Dad, Mom, Husband, Wife, everybody is working hard to make a living. Keep it up! Thank you for your hard work! https://www.zazzle.com/collections/hard_worker_gets_the_job_done-119420833185745182