The Third Door – Book Review – (audible) by Alex Banayan

My First Audible experience and it was free!

A Japanese aura reader blogged about this book (in Japanese) so I wanted to read this. I’m Japanese too so honestly, it takes a long time to read in English for me. The Japanese bloger heard the book using Audible so I did the same thing too. I signed up for the audible and it was free! I still have one more credit to try out a book.

I listened to it in a day! (8 hours) but I was doing something here and there at the same time so some parts didn’t come into my head so I’m listing to it with my 12-year-old son. I forced him to listen to it with me 1 or 2 chapters a day. I like audible. The author himself was reading it. The real chapter and audible chapter is different and I don’t know why.

This guy hacked “Price is Right”

It was a really inspirational story. This young guy wanted to interview well known successful people like Bill Gates when he was an aspiring USC pre-med student, unsure with what he really wanted to do, and what to do, he decided to go on a quiz show, The Price is Right, which he has never seen completly and he won with his brief research and tactics at the spot! He got a prize and sold it as a fund for his mission. That episode alone was pretty amazing, he interviewed so many successful people over the years and finally published his book!

Interviewing Famous & Powerful People without any connection

He had some hard rejection, of course. Do you think you can meet somebody who wants to interview you without credible background and benefit? All the more if you are Bill Gates, Mark Zukerburg, or Warren Buffet. Or, I read people around well known successful people has very protective administration around them.

Do you know Qi Lu?

He tried to connect with other successful people less known to the publics but huge on a field. I liked the story of Qi Lu. Qi Lu is a legendary softwere engenner worked for Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype and more. He is from China and born from poor village but he was really smart and sleeps only a little to work alot more. He couldn’t afford to pay $60 test to go study in the United States because he only got paid $7.00 a month. A professor from the U.S. came to his university one day and because he was there and had some reserch paper to show, Qi was invited to goto the Carnegy Mellon University with full scalorship! Qi says, “Luck is like a bus. If you missed it, it will come again, but you have be prepared for it.”

I need to use my “Qi Time” to grab a chance.

Hard worker : Gets the job done T-Shirt

Hard worker : Gets the job done T-Shirt

by peacewing

The story Alex became an entrage for Eric and went to New York and Utah.  I aslo liked the interview with Jessica Alba, she is beautiful inside and out.

Alex seems like traveling all over the world recently to give a speech to motivate people. I wonder what’s his next mission is. I wonder if he can get an interview with who he couldn’t before like Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerburg now.