Visualization training is the key!

I wrote about lucid dream on the last post.

It didn’t go so well.

The reason was, I couldn’t imagine well.

I tried to fly, I can’t see the flying scenery, then a Google Earth image popped out.

And even though the dream before that was really embodied and quality like reality, As soon as I thought it was a lucid dream, everything turned into a gray screen.

Actually, I haven’t dreamed of the lucid dream since then.

Is that because I had a shocking thing in the real world? Maybe.

But that’s why we open the chakra and improve the visualization and activate the law of attraction (to the good one)!

Athletes also say that they enter the zone by image training.

Both Ichiro and Yuzuru Hanyu have imagined many times they are playing the best and jumping.

I’m going to sleep today for 5 minutes before closing my eyes, thinking that I’m happy with my heart and wrapped in a sparkling aura.

Oh, and I always forget that when I shower, it’s great for my health to imagine the water in the shower purifying the body with light from the glittering universe.

I’m gonna take a shower from now today and go to bed.


Sleeping in a silk PJ

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Shine on - Stars - galaxy - T-Shirt

Shine on – Stars – galaxy – T-Shirt

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