Water Lily or Lotus Flower?

Water Lily at Getty Villa

Water Lily at Getty Villa
Water Lily at Getty Villa

I saw this flower at Getty Villa and immediately thought that’s lotus flowers but actually, it was water lily.  You can tell by its leave shape. If there’s an opening cut like leaves above, that’s water lily.

Buddhism and Lotus

I’ve heard both lotus flowers and water lily can grow from dirty, muddy water.  (Of course, this water lily at Getty, water was clear) In Buddhism, you can achieve enlightenment even when your situation is in a mud, dirty, full of chaos.

I heard this story in a youtube. I knew this story before but I’ve forgotten. I think I heard this again because that’s the message I need to hear right now.

I’ll bloom like a lotus flower

Right now, I’m in a darkness.  I can’t concentrate, I feel like I’m going nowhere. sometimes I can’t stop crying but I know I can make a beautiful flower like a water lily in my life.