What Halloween Costume are you gonna wear this year?

Shop early for the Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming soon. I just went to Costco and Target with my 7 years old daughter. She is not in a “Princess Phase” anymore. Last year, she became a wonder women, this year, she wanted to be Jojo Siwa, or something cute and scary but Costco didn’t have her size already! She took a witch costume but she didn’t click on it so we went to Target. I was surprised her size was out already, I didn’t ask the store so not sure if they are really out or not, but my daughter wanted to buy the Descendant costume and wig. We went home and try out but she didn’t like it, so we went back to exchange for target brand (hyde and eek) Magical fawn costume. It’s not a princess but it’s cute and girly.

Time to put on last year’s costume on eBay

I tried posting on eBay for the first time. I just sold one Mario Brothers two listing still there. It’s good to buy pre-owned because it’s cheaper and better for the environment.


Aurora Dress Halloween Costume

Aurora Halloween Costume Dress for 4-6 years old

What’s this 2018 trend?

Judging from what my kids like for now, maybe Fortnite and Jojo Siwa would be hot this year?

Have a happy Halloween!

Custom made Halloween Card