Be Yourself – wall art- Lions Gate is opening.

Be Yourself wall art

August 8th, it’s the day the portal of the lion’s gate opens.  It’s the activation day when the Sun and Sirius move closest to Earth.

I didn’t know what time I was born. I am the third child, my mom didn’t keep the notebook every mother gets when they are expecting.

My mom passed away just before the lion’s gate time two years ago. One morning, I think I heard, or in my head, the number 12:43 was popping up.

I’ve already known that I was born around noon, I thought my mom must have taught me what time I was born.

Lion’s gate happens in the middle of Leo. Leo’s characteristics are, joyful have high self-esteem, and is very creative. Maybe this summer, you’ll follow their traits, be honest with your instincts and open your third eye!