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  • I love my Trophy Wife

    Trophy Wife Since 2019 T-Shirt by peacewing On the last post I wrote about Trophy Husband, Let’s write talk about Trophy Wife today. Trophy wife’s definition is young, beautiful, sexy with big breast. To be a proud wife in Japan, you need more strict specs. She should be good at cooking and working hard to…

  • Proud Of My Husband : Trophy Husband

    There is an expression called Trophy Wife, you know, young and sexy, beautiful wife. So I made a Trophy Husband T-shirt just 10 years ago to see if there was a husband version. Is it a muscular handsome guy as an image? Of course, he is rich and successful. Trophy Husband Since your wedding anniversary!…

  • Trophy Husband since 2015 Apron

    Trophy Husband Since 2015 Apron by peacewing Is your Trophy Husband a good cook? BBQ like a pro? Then, this “Trophy Husband since 2015” Apron is the great gift for him. Other years are available from here.

  • Trophy Husband Since 2015 Tees are now Available!

      Today, 9/23 is equinox. The day time is getting shorter and shorter and soon it’ll be 2015. Is anybody getting married next year? Is he gonna have bachelor party? “Trophy Husband since 2015” t-shirt will be a great party gift for him!