I love my Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife Since 2019 T-Shirt

Trophy Wife Since 2019 T-Shirt

by peacewing

On the last post I wrote about Trophy Husband, Let’s write talk about Trophy Wife today.

Trophy wife’s definition is young, beautiful, sexy with big breast. To be a proud wife in Japan, you need more strict specs. She should be good at cooking and working hard to raise children. You may add a good earner on top on that nowadays.

Ten years ago, this trophy wife and the trophy husband series were sold on a T-shirt site, and they sold a good amount.

people bought for their wedding anniversary.

You are a trophy for me.

There’s a Japanese song goes “Marriage isn’t a goal, it’s the beginning.”

Like any human relationship, not just in marriage, communication is really important. You need to keep finding good things about each other and enjoy being with. Somehow, You tend to find bad things.

When you know each other so long, we get spoiled from each other and because when you are so close, we get angry because of what we did or did not.

At such times, please come back to the origin by all means. What do I like about this person and how happy I was to be with.

I now think of it to my children, to my friends, and to other important people.