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  • Black Cat’s Eye T-shirt for Halloween

    People would ask if you like cats or dogs. I like both, can’t choose, don’t have either one, have fish and a bird. I used to have a dog and she shows full of love. I dreamed about having a cat when I was young because I loved the manga the character liked cats and…

  • Ouch! but you’re still alive! Halloween Costume T-Shirt

    It hurts when you -had bad news, -a broken heart, -someone ghosting you, -injured -were said something mean buy hey, you are still living and unless the scar isn’t this severe like this t-shirt, you’ll recover eventually. homeopathy, similar things helps to heal, so listening sad song or watch some sad movies might help you,…

  • Kawaii! Fluffy! puppy, parakeet, pets

    Kawaii = Cute Kawaii fluffy companion = pets. They sooth your pointed heart, they don’t betray you. They show you unconditional love. Trust you, needs you, can’t live without you! I hand draw cute, kawaii fluffs and made some t-shirts. Kawaii Bird

  • Peace sign with wings

    Peace Wing T-shirt Hi! Thank you for visiting PeaceWings.com

  • Love and Peace Skull T-shirt

    Love and Peace Skull How many ancestors can you go back? For me, mom and dad, grandma, grandpa one more set of great grandma and pa and… maybe that’s it. I know there should be more generations goes back but can’t imagine it. Many people had lived their lives and passed. For sure some people…