Love and Peace Skull T-shirt

Love and Peace Skull

Love & Peace Skull

How many ancestors can you go back? For me, mom and dad, grandma, grandpa one more set of great grandma and pa and… maybe that’s it.

I know there should be more generations goes back but can’t imagine it. Many people had lived their lives and passed. For sure some people lived in the hard time like while the war was going on. Some must had a hungry days.

For most of them, they wanted to have a nice, peaceful lives. I wonder if they did.

Do you have a loving, peaceful life? Maybe we raise a definition for what is “peaceful” means, like Suzx Ormzn kept telling us we need to save up this amount and more to peacefully retire. Yeah, how many of us can have good satisfying jobs that pays us that much left after paying the rent or mortgage, healthcare, education, the list continues.. Thank you for making us uneasy and un peaceful triple times, anyways..

When you have a peaceful time, you’d create more problem to keep you busy, it’s like a little war going on in your brain, and heart, or even with between someone close to you.

So, to prevent that. I recommend this “Love and Peace Skull T-shirt” to remind your peace of mind. available in 4 color graphics,

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