Tag: Money

  • Electricity Bill Savings

    Electricity bills are still high in the winter. Looking at the bill, we pay more than last year because of the rate increase, even though we use less than last year. This is even more so since we use electricity for our cooking stove and hot water. I went to the website this time and…

  • Love and Peace Skull T-shirt

    Love and Peace Skull How many ancestors can you go back? For me, mom and dad, grandma, grandpa one more set of great grandma and pa and… maybe that’s it. I know there should be more generations goes back but can’t imagine it. Many people had lived their lives and passed. For sure some people…

  • Been there, done that gift for the experienced people.

    Nothing will surprise him anymore. Been there, Done that t-shirt by peacewing Traveling the world? Last year was you know, covid19 so didn’t but that was just a nice break for me. Women? Just looking at them make them feel, you know, Money? It comes and goes, I’m not worrying about that.

  • I’m still processing my new year’s resolutions in September

    It’s the second week of September already! Time flies so fast when you are at the ’40s. Especially from September, months pass so fast till the new year. When I was little I thought one day was so long. Well, I made such a T-shirt in the past. Processing… New Years Resolutions What did you…

  • “When Can I Retire?” Zombie T-shirts for Halloween!

    Are you a happy senior? Halloween is coming soon!  What are you going to be? How about this Halloween costume t-shirt? Just wear this t-shirt and get a mask from 99C store and you’ll be an instant zombie with a statement. Let’s think about retirement!