Electricity Bill Savings

Electricity bills are still high in the winter. Looking at the bill, we pay more than last year because of the rate increase, even though we use less than last year. This is even more so since we use electricity for our cooking stove and hot water. I went to the website this time and found that it shows the amount of electricity used daily and hourly, and I found that I use the most when I am using the stove or taking a shower. I can choose between two rates, one that is higher during peak hours and one that is based on usage, but I can’t cook or shower during off-peak hours, so I choose the regular rate.

Of course, turning on a lot of heat also resonates, so I didn’t start being aware of it until after halfway through the billing cycle, but I was able to keep it down quite a bit. I even used a lap blanket. However, the first half of the cycle was cold, so the bill was higher than in February. And there were times when I left the heater on during the night, so I was screwed!