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  • Blade Runner 2049 – Baseline test

    My son is into classic movies, We watched Blade Runner 2049.  I thought I saw 1982’s at least once, but I don’t remember anything. It was a masterpiece, but the scene I got into was the baseline test. Have they created you to be a part of the system? System. What’s it like to hold…

  • Image Strategy

    It’s been weeks now since the day Russia attacked Ukraine. I just glance at the news and feel helpless, not being able to do anything about these big battles and the course of history. The real impact on me, a California resident, is the cost of gasoline, which is starting to look more and more…

  • Korean Culture Appreciation Weekend

    On a very nothing-to-do Saturday, my daughter and I watched a Korean reality show, Singles Inferno, and a Korean drama, It’s OK not to be OK, on Netflix. I didn’t watch all of them very well, I just bounced around in between chores, and halfway through they came together and became unstoppable. 1.5 more episodes…

  • what gives you natural highs?

    What gives you natural highs? For me, talking with friends, being with my kids, watching anime, youtube, singing, listening to my favorite music, etc… Colorful, bubbly graphics will spread your good vibes.

  • Peace flower t-shirt

      Super cute/kawaii Flower t-shirts, blue sky, clouds, flowers.