Korean Culture Appreciation Weekend

On a very nothing-to-do Saturday, my daughter and I watched a Korean reality show, Singles Inferno, and a Korean drama, It’s OK not to be OK, on Netflix. I didn’t watch all of them very well, I just bounced around in between chores, and halfway through they came together and became unstoppable. 1.5 more episodes and I’m done.

In Singles Inferno, I was surprised at how irresistible Song Ji-ah is. Why? The other girls are cute too. I thought it was because of her femininity (she has a nice body) and her vague attitude (she doesn’t cut it off roughly).

In the drama, the main character, the younger brother, Moon Gang-tae, battles in difficult circumstances. Koh Mun-Yeong (Seo Ye-Ji) is also cute. It makes you think about love, family, and spirit.

This was my first Korean drama since the Squid game.

I learned “okay” in Korean. Kenchana.

My daughter and I also watched another Korean slop drama before, Penthouse, halfway through a while ago, which was so intense that it became too much to watch.

On Sunday night of the same weekend, as part of my daughter’s friend’s birthday, we went to the Korean Spa. It is like a super public bath in Japan. Hot tub, sauna, and place to eat and relax… I did two sets of sauna shower cold water. I heard it is better to do 3 sets but I didn’t have time. My friends and children soaked themselves up to their shoulders in the cold water, but I couldn’t do it.

It lasted about 5 hours in no time. So, it was a weekend that I enjoyed Korean culture very much.

I would like to refer to the makeup of Korean girls.

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