Dream Machine – good dreams, good sleep

The music I’ve been listing to lately is, K-pop, which my daughter listens to, and Shiina Ringo, which I’ve been into for about four or five years.

I remembered and listened to it again (and watched) Dream Machine by Mark Farina, which I loved more than 10 years ago. Nostalgic but fresh.

Dreams are usually nightmares, aren’t they? I’ve had dreams where I went to the bathroom and didn’t feel refreshed (if I did, I’d be in trouble).

When I was little, every time I had a fever, for some reason I dreamt of eating walls.

The nightmare I had a while ago was that I was in a car with wheels as big as the height of a building, and I couldn’t see what was underneath, and I couldn’t get out.

When I wake up, I want to have a sound sleep like “where am I, who am I?

There are also, dreams, I want to be like this! I want to do this!

In order to get closer to my dreams.

What you are, what you do

Dream machine
Did you get everything you asked for?


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