External hard drive and old pictures

I kept my kid’s baby pictures in my old mac book. I Needed to move them to the external hard drive. I had one that my dad was using so I was wondering if I can use that. I tried but he used windows maybe that’s why I could read the file but not put anything in. The hard drive was old and had to connect too much stuff so I decided to buy a new one.

I haven’t look into what’s in there so I explored. He scanned pictures from the late 60’s pictures before my parents were married until photos become digital. He was very diligent.

The world before I was born, (early 70’s) in Hokkaido Japan. I remember there were streets not paved yet, vacant land, everything looked retro.

swan lake
SL Train was still running!
SL Train was still running!
Retro TV and audio set
Retro TV and audio set

There are also a bunch of videos and pics of when I visited them every year with kids. I remember they were doing something and as soon as I got a camera, they stopped.

It’s nice to look back on memories sometimes.