Got cold, can’t say to others now.

I got a cold from 2,3 days ago. Started to sneeze a lot and snot the first two days, and today is the third day, feeling a little fever, not much though. 98.4 f (below covid guideline) I really think it’s just a cold, not covid but getting a little nervous.

Should I test with a home test kit?


The third day, today is Saturday day off so I was laying down on a bed without guilt because I got cold. I watched Netflix, Terrace House which I stopped at episode 3 till 6. After this covid stuff going on, can’t say to others so much that “I got cold” I had echinacea and vitamin C for the cold.

and I try not to eat gluten while I feel sick.

Wash Your Hands Bib
Wash Your Hands Bib