Gotta have this! – anti aging –

Sometimes, when I look at Japanese sites, I see things like, “That thing in the refrigerator removed my age spot like a charm!


or “Boost your breasts by 3 cups!

and other catchy phrases and easy-to-understand manga that tickle women’s fancy (even though they violate the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law), I can’t help but read on.

Right now, the regular price of 7,000 yen is only 500 yen!

I’d love to have it, (of course, I’m skeptical) But there’s no international shipping. I guess I’ll just have to ask a very close friend or family member to forward it to me, but I mean, does it really work?

However, if you read the advertisements carefully, you will find some hidden hints that tell you what active ingredients are in the product, so sometimes I translate them into English to find something that is sold in the U.S. and buy it.

Recently, I tried a product called Volufiline, which is supposed to be effective for breast enhancement.

I looked for it on in the US.

According to the reviews on Amazon in the US, this is also good for skin elasticity, and I’ve been applying it to my chest and face as well. I can’t really feel the breast enhancement effect yet, but I do feel it’s good for my skin! It’s more moisturized.

Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful