Gua Sha massage for anti aging

Everybody ages and looks older eventually. Nasolabial folds (Laugh line) get deeper, under eyes get soggy. I needed to do something about this, I found a YouTuber who is around 60 but she looks her 40s. She introduced the way she massages, starting from stretching around the shoulder, massaging the side, back, and top of the head because your skin is all connected. I discovered the ancient Chinese way of massaging “Gua Sha” using flat spatula-looking stone made of rose quartz or jade stone. It’s only under $10.- each, I bought two of them. You put on some cream or oil for lubricant, then massages your face nicely. Blood flow is the key to good health and beauty I guess. Don’t put too much pressure or scrub too hard, be gentle with your skin.

To love someone/something is good for anti-aging I guess.

Moon is Beautiful
Moon is Beautiful