I started Guitar practice since covid started and??

I bought an acoustic guitar right before covid became a worldwide phenomenon. Originally bought it for my 13 years old son (back then) but he didn’t play so I started using it. I couldn’t master the code F, the first obstacle when I  was in high school. So, I knew some basics.

I chose a little bit difficult song to practice. the first one was

King Gnu “Hakujitu” this song was a huge hit, used for the opening song for a Japanese drama series.

I also played some other songs from King Gnu. They played acoustic live thru a radio program Iguchi, the lead vocal was DJ a year ago for All Night Nippon Zero, a radio show that starts at 3 AM and they were so cool. I was dreaming I would be playing like Tsuneta soon,

One year later, I barely touch the guitar, and I still sound the same, maybe a little bit better but still have a weird time between codes.

My favorite mentalist Youtuber was saying, if you want to make it, you need to make an effort every day, constantly. I know it in my head, but I was just obsessed with Youtube, binging one after another and not focusing.

Now, I am more motivated (at least last few weeks) I am practicing guitar for 2 days straight!

Guitar practice