Hate crime against asian? Have Inner Peace People!

Hate crime against asian are rising. I didn’t know about this until..

I don’t watch TV lately. One day, my brother in Japan was sending me a message saying,

“Hey I saw on the news says hate crime against asian are rising lately. Are you OK?”

I am living at the area lots of asian are living. Thought The news he is watching is happening at mid west, but he’s saying protests are going on in L.A, where is around the area where I live!

I don’t watch TV news lately, I only watch Youtube my favorite channel which is my favorite singer’s or fortune teller (pretty biased).

So I checked out the news site and there’s a ton of the incident going on. Thankfully I haven’t came across to that kind of experience yet, but what should I do when I had that?

Asian may have an image of, quiet, obedient, hard working… Actually we fits to that images.

Have a culture of co- existence. Don’t want to fight so much. You may have strong image of a certain country, but same as other countries, only the leader of the top acts like that.

What makes someone a mean person? What make you become mean to someone you don’t know well?

You already had some issues inside of you, just wanted to throw that anger towards something? That might be a boredom, unfulfilled wishes, lack of sleep (lol), the list continues.. and oh yes, loneliness.

When I was really really lonely, someone ( maybe on Youtube) said,

You won’t fill that hole of your heart unless you fill that yourself.

don’t know if I’m translate that right, but please guess what I mean.

so, to fill that, I recommend, “Inner Peace T-shirt” for you and other goods.

Inner Peace
Inner Peace