I had no choice but to vaccinate (the second dose)

Peace Wings Tote Bag
Peace Wings Tote Bag

On Monday, just three weeks after the first covid vaccine, I had my second vaccine. It was Pfizer, by the way.

There were a lot of people around me who had adverse reactions after the second Pfizer vaccine, so I went prepared. The time was around 4:30, the same as before.

As before, I waited for 15 minutes after the injection, and then went home because nothing happened. By the way, I got a coupon for 20% off again, but I don’t have a chance to use it.

On the day, I felt sleepy earlier than usual.

And the next morning. My arms were sore, and when I took my temperature, it was rather low. The sluggishness might be an adverse reaction, but more like low blood pressure or just tiredness to go to work.

I had heard that people in my office had also taken time off after getting the vaccine (especially the second time) and that my friend had suddenly developed a fever 24 hours after getting the vaccine, so I also took a day off.

I was surprised by the difference in the way the side effects of vaccines are reported in Japan and the US. Surprisingly, the number of deaths due to side effects was reported more accurately in Japan. In the U.S., there were supposed to be only two victims due to side effects. However, from what I’ve seen on Twitter and other media, it seems that there are many more, and in fact, I’ve heard of people who have died mysteriously after being vaccinated, even if I don’t know them directly.

I feel that there is tremendous darkness.

I wonder what will happen. From now on.