I tried castor oil compress.

I tried castor oil compress.

I applied the castor oil on the side of the right rib, on the liver. Then I applied it with a cloth called flannel and wrapped it on it, and warmed it up. I tried not to buy anything else other than oil so I cut the smaller pajamas of the son of soft cotton, wrapped it, and warmed it from the top with a hot water bottle.

I felt so comfortable and I fell asleep immediately. (or, I was just tired because of jet lag)

I slept so well but I was still very tired…

Is this a jet lag or a response to the castor oil compress?

It is said that the eyes and the liver are connected and that the fatigue of the liver is shown in your eyes.

My eyes are red!

I think I’ve been taking as many asthma medications since I was a child, the bag under my eyes is terrible, and my complexion is dark blue.

I felt my body was cleansed.

I read on Edgar Cayce’s castor oil pack, Take 3 days and rest for 4 days. Continue for 4 weeks, then rest for about 3 weeks. So I continued for 3 days.

I smelled from the body or a sense that the nose feels strange like when the cold is cured.

I was sleepy all the time. But at the same time, I felt good.

And on the third day, I had to drink 1 tablespoon of olive oil, but I haven’t done it yet because there is no good olive oil at home. I was planning to go to the mall today but there was a small incident so I postponed.

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