Insomnia Help, herb for the better sleep

Trouble sleeping?

I have trouble sleeping every now and then. I can fall asleep but Thinking about relationships, money, future, kids, or vague anxiety. Everybody needs to sleep because you have to wake up at a certain time for work, fix kids lunch box, prepare breakfast, do this and that tomorrow.

Natural remedy for the insomnia

I read about this Valerian extract (ease anxiety and let you sleep well), Passion Flower extract, (to stop endless thought) and Oat Seed extract (for stress and brain clarity) and started using them, and it worked.

I also used these 3 herb extract mixture to my son who couldn’t sleep well because of fear, nightmare, anxiety. I use Passion Flower and Oat seed mixture to him in the morning. Seems like it works for him too.

How to take the herb

I drop about 10 drops each to a small amount of water and drink. For my son (10) I gave 5 drops each.

1) Valerian Extract (ease anxiety and let you sleep well)

2) Passion Flower Extract (to stop endless thought)

3) Oat Seed extract (to help with stress)