Matrix4 Resurrections No Spoilers Review

I joined HBO Max

I heard that Matrix Resurrection, Matrix 4 is available on HBO Max for $14.95/month, so I joined. It’s about the same price as one person at the movie theater. We can watch other stuff too.

a spoiler-free little synopsis & impression.

Thomas Anderson is a successful game creator who made the hit game series, Matrix, but he feels as if every day is a loop and unfulfilled. He goes to see a psychiatrist and is prescribed blue pills. A black cat named Deja Vu flickers here and there. One day, Mr. Anderson meets a woman named Tiffany who looks just like Trinity, but she seems to have a husband and children.

I actually liked these scenes. It’s very realistic.

Sometimes I feel like, every day is a series of similar things, and fun stuff is only on the screen, so at least today I’ll eat something tasty, take a bath, and go to bed. (oh wow kind of sad)

Eventually, Mr. Anderson takes the red pill, pulls the plug in the back of his head, and goes to “reality.”

To be honest, rather than going to such a difficult reality,  if Mr. Anderson had a good life in Matrix, had money, status, popularity, and cool life, it would be fun staying in there.

If you watch the trailer, you know he’ll see Trinity again. It’s a heartbreaking moment.

Metaverse has been a hot topic lately, and I wonder if it’s really going to be like Matrix, where you want to keep living in virtual reality.

It’s true that it’s quite difficult to watch a movie over 2 hours long after getting used to short videos on Youtube.

In the post-credits, they are talking about Catrix, We don’t read books anymore, and maybe we don’t care about stories anymore. I still do though.

Cat Costume t-shirt
Cat Costume t-shirt