Netflix : Japanese reality show : Terrace House

Japanese hit reality show series “Terrance House”

3 guys, 3 girls, living under one roof, they’ll know each other slowly and confess your crush. If they become a couple, they’ll leave the house together, if not, leave alone.

I’ve heard about this show a lot, saw about net news, but never seen an episode before.
I’ve seen a similar concept show, called “Ainori” Love wagon. Tour with boys and girls around the world.

I watched the Tokyo series, 19-20 episodes 1 and 2 today.

I’m jealous! They are so young, can enjoy romance without worry about their kids, have a future, good looking and flirting!

My favorite in episodes 1 and 2, Girl, Kaori, Guy, Kenny. They are eldest and chill.

The twenties are a very important time to build your relationships.

But for us, team mid ages.. somehow single (again maybe) Today is your youngest still. Eat well, keep your skin moist, stay optimistic about your love!

Somehow my prince will come
Somehow my prince will come.

Can I still dream this?