Pan fried Salmon Teriyaki – it’s easy –

Easy Salmon Teriyaki Recipe

Salmon Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki with rice, miso soup, vegetable

No oven, No marinade.

This salmon Teriyaki is very easy. No marinade necessary.

First, mix these to make a sauce and set aside.

Easy Pan Fried Teriyaki Salmon

  • One Tablespoon of Soy Sauce
  • One Tablespoon each of water and sweet sake
  • One Teaspoon of Sugar

grated ginger (optional)

How to cook the salmon

Heat up frying pan, coat with oil, Place the salmon, skin-side up in the pan. Then, cook until golden brown on 1 side. Turn the fish over with a spatula, and cook until it feels firm to the touch and the skin is crisp if desired.

Add the sauce, cook till the sauce get a little thicker.

Serve with cooked rice and enjoy!