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  • All I want for Christmas is~

    It’s December. It’s Shiwasu., which means A monk runs around because it’s so busy.  Are you busy? Christmas songs are ringing out these days. This season was fun when I was a kid and young, but now that I’m an adult,  not so fun. Why is it that I don’t have many memories of Christmas…

  • My guess how Maria (mom of Jesus Christ) felt as a mother.

    The Christmas season is coming. I made this Psychedelic Mary and Baby Jesus Christ shirt. I don’t know who the original classic picture artist is, but the background is filled with lines and geometric patterns to make it colorful. I made it for homework in an art class a pretty long time ago. Christmas is…

  • Hard Worker -gets the job done-

    Hard workers support this world Dad, Mom, Husband, Wife, everybody is working hard to make a living. Keep it up! Thank you for your hard work! https://www.zazzle.com/collections/hard_worker_gets_the_job_done-119420833185745182