All I want for Christmas is~

It’s December. It’s Shiwasu., which means A monk runs around because it’s so busy.  Are you busy?

Christmas songs are ringing out these days.

This season was fun when I was a kid and young, but now that I’m an adult,  not so fun.

Why is it that I don’t have many memories of Christmas when I was young? Maybe because it was a weekday (in Japan)?

I remember going all the way to a ski resort in Hokkaido, but I caught a cold and had a fever, so I spent the day alone in the dining hall.

Or had a Christmas classic menu in Japan, Kentucky Fried Chichen, and a Christmas decorated whole cake with a Santa candle on top, but when I tried it, I got heartburn.

When children grow up to a certain extent, the things they want are no different from those of adults, and it costs a lot for a parent.

In the end, adults are happy with vanishing things, except for the perfect one you wanted.

All I want for Christmas is you~!

I hear Mariah’s voice singing a little vainly, and 2021 is almost bye-bye.

Yesterday, I warmed up by eating kimchi nabe. I followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious and warming. It’s a good way to consume a lot of kimchi when there’s still some left in the fridge.

Stay warm!

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Bicycle Mom t-shirt



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