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  • Brewing #Kombucha at home ~ probiotics

    I like fermented stuff like Natto, (fermented beans) or Cheese. I even made homemade Miso. Mix well-cooked soybeans, salt, and malted rice and let it sit a room temperature starting from spring and over the summer, and by the winter, it’s ready to eat. Bacteria in a fermented food will go to the intestine and…

  • what gives you natural highs?

    What gives you natural highs? For me, talking with friends, being with my kids, watching anime, youtube, singing, listening to my favorite music, etc… Colorful, bubbly graphics will spread your good vibes.

  • Kawaii! Fluffy! puppy, parakeet, pets

    Kawaii = Cute Kawaii fluffy companion = pets. They sooth your pointed heart, they don’t betray you. They show you unconditional love. Trust you, needs you, can’t live without you! I hand draw cute, kawaii fluffs and made some t-shirts. Kawaii Bird

  • Peace sign with wings

    Peace Wing T-shirt Hi! Thank you for visiting PeaceWings.com