Brewing #Kombucha at home ~ probiotics

I like fermented stuff like Natto, (fermented beans) or Cheese. I even made homemade Miso. Mix well-cooked soybeans, salt, and malted rice and let it sit a room temperature starting from spring and over the summer, and by the winter, it’s ready to eat.

Bacteria in a fermented food will go to the intestine and help to keep good health. Intestine health connects to the brain (mental) health.

I was curious about Kombucha but didn’t have a chance to brew. My friend gave me scoby and I started brewing one a few weeks ago.

brewing Kombucha at home
brewing Kombucha at home

about two weeks later, Its sweet and sour vinegar tasting stuff is made.

You need to add some fruits to make it bubbly, but I’m enjoying it as it is.

Cheers with Kombucha
Cheers with Kombucha
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