This worked for my allergy!

I am re-posting for the people with allergy

We finally had a good rainy season after 5 years (?) of drought in California. The flowers are blooming and trees are green, it’s very beautiful right now, but at the same time, its the season of the suffering of people with pollen allergy.

I have asthma and severe allergy with dust/pollen. I always had a hard time breathing at this time. I had a better year because I saw a homeopath 2 years in a row to help with my asthma. This year though, I had itchy skin instead.

Eczema got better

At first, I thought this eczema looking bumps will disappear soon, but the bumps spread around my abdomen area and around neck more than 2 weeks and getting worse!

I went to Sprouts (natural supermarket) and tried out this homeopathic remedy spray that I have been curious about. Overnight, I felt my bumps got less itchy and by the next day, It seemed not red (I wish I took some pictures! I didn’t expect that I could improve this fast.) It’s been less than 1 month since I got the first one and I gave it to my son and daughter that suffer from allergy like me (mostly with sneezing and itchy eye) I went to Sprouts again but its all gone. (I recommended to my friends)

For Pacific coast, They have products that cover all U.S.A area. (East coast, south-east and so on)

For West Coast