Watching Olympics hassle

TV Usages nowadays for me

I watch Netflix and Youtube with my TV in the living room a lot but not the usual network TV channels like CBS, NBC, Fox, and ABC lately.   On Amazon firestick, I downloaded NBC apps and trying to watch the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony.  I ended up watching it on my computer, missed the first part and the athletes are marching into the stadium.

I logged out since watching people walking isn’t so fun. after some minutes later, I started watching it again and suddenly, the fun part has begun.  two people were making all the sports icons. The apps were saying I have 22 minutes to log into the cable so that I can see more Olympics. All of a sudden in the middle of the show, it disconnected. I still checked cool parts like drones making the earth or Osaka Naomi doing the fire on Youtube.

I remembered I had antenna

The next day, I remembered I had a good old inside antenna hooked up to the TV. I have to jiggle at the angle or place to catch the signal but it worked to watch the halftime show in February. The antenna catch CBS signals, and pretty sure it does for NBC… and it did.

I could have seen the opening ceremony on Friday if I remembered that, or I knew but for some reason, I wasn’t sure if it was at 7:30 pacific time. I thought it’s already done at 7:30 eastern time, 4:30 pacific time so I didn’t even try.

It was nice to see skateboard on Saturday night and the Japanese guy got a gold medal.

I haven’t seen usual TV for so long, it’s refreshing to see all the commercials to the end. I learned to lease Mercedes you need about $5300 down payment and $600 monthly for a 3-year lease.

Tokyo is so hot during this season. Wishing all the people out there to be hydrated!

Motivated by those muscles?

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