A Swagger’s verbal slip

A YouTuber I watch every now and then, DaiGo, said something inappropriate and flaming last week.

That remark was, “I care more about lives of abandoned cats than homeless and people get welfare. I’m paying so much taxes, I should be able to decide how to use those taxes.”

He emerged as a mentalist, read people’s minds on the TV before but didn’t want to be on TV so much lately, instead, started sharing knowledge of how to improve your mindset, read people, based on researches from all over the world. He has a YouTube channel that is very popular and also his own apps of his video archives, has a lot of paying subscribers and I am one of them.

“Uh oh, he said it!” was my reaction when I first heard of the news. He was always saying how he only cares about his friends and families and the cats.  He says basically doesn’t have an interest in other people.

Daigo was bullied when he was little.  One day he confronted and beat the bullies. Then did a lot of effort and become one of the smartest kids. When you were bullied, you can’t trust other people easily since you’ve already seen people’s dark side.  I feel the same because I’m bullied when I was a kid too.  Daigo must have thought people who can’t improve their lives will get reasonable results, includes homelessness, and poverty.

Later he published a video after tons of criticism apologizing for how he lacked the imagination of people with tough situations, such as disabilities, and was born with poverties, or abused. His no more alive mom would be very sad if she heard his words. He will join services to help homeless people and so on.

I like him as a person, I will still watch his channel. Maybe this is his chance to broaden his point of view and he can really help unfortunate people using his knowledge.

But then, maybe he’s not interested in anybody anyway.

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