Became a close contact of Covid

A few weeks after school started, I got a notice saying my daughter’s close friend became Covid positive.

I heard from the parents of another school district, there was one kid with positive and everyone in the same after school needed to quarantine for a while then test and back, I thought that would happen but didn’t expect this quick.

I went to get my daughter. She had contact on Tuesday so needs to quarantine for 5 days then do PCR and if negative, can back from Wednesday. Online classes meanwhile.

She has a brother, does he need to quarantine as well? I asked. He’s not a close contact so no restriction for her brother and me (family member)

A covid positive friend isn’t the same class as my daughter. Only close friends of hers played at the recess are told to do quarantine. (regular buddies)

I made an appointment for a free antigen test for her but another zoom class will be held at the same time so I canceled. I bought a rapid/antigen test from the drug store. It was negative. Since she didn’t have any symptoms I knew it but it was a relief.

My daughter was doing video chat with her covid positive friend.  She had a little fever and her body ached a little but now feels ok and seems fine too. The sense of taste and smell is gone, but it came back a few days later.

She is lucky I heard lots of people’s sense of smell or taste doesn’t come back after months.

To go back to school, you need a PCR negative result. All the testing appointments are full, I guess lots of people are going through a similar situation. The result would come back really late for some places.

I asked another close contact’s parents and they found a clinic can give you faster result so we went there. The next day we both got negative results.

For little kids especially, covid positive seems like just a cold, I think, but I can’t say that out loud because I’ll be criticized.

We have to obey this rule for a while. Maybe good since this would help to stop the spread of cold/flu/covid.

Wash Your Hands Bib
Wash Your Hands Bib