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  • Covid Positive wave has come to my family

    New Year surprise Covid positive! It was right after new year’s day, after divorce my kids are busy with the holidays, going to dad’s and mom’s (me) s. This year, my ex-husband and I were scheduled to spend Christmas with me, and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with their dad. On the evening…

  • Became a close contact of Covid

    A few weeks after school started, I got a notice saying my daughter’s close friend became Covid positive. I heard from the parents of another school district, there was one kid with positive and everyone in the same after school needed to quarantine for a while then test and back, I thought that would happen…

  • Peace Wing T-shirts and more

    Peace Wing Desing T-shirts peace wing T-Shirt by falkdesigns I started making peace t-shirts after my son was born. He was born in 2006. Back then, the world seemed a little uncertain under Bush administration. I don’t want my son to fight in the war, I want a peaceful world.

  • Unicorn, Rainbow, Stars, Fantasy!

    I see unicorn everywhere so I made it too! Unicorn Rainbow Baby T-Shirt by peacewing Unicorn is everywhere ! I love unicorns too,  clouds, rainbow, stars, colors, everything that I love. Add them to the back to school item!