Covid Positive wave has come to my family

New Year surprise Covid positive!

It was right after new year’s day, after divorce my kids are busy with the holidays, going to dad’s and mom’s (me) s.

This year, my ex-husband and I were scheduled to spend Christmas with me, and New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with their dad. On the evening of the 2nd, I received a text from my ex-husband.

My daughter was coughing, so he did a Covid Test on her and it was positive. They only had one test kit then.

My son also tested positive with a test kit given to him by his friends over there, and he was symptom-free at that time. Then fever and feeling restless for a few days. They stayed longer at dad’s house and then longer at my house later.

Antigen test shortage

I had one test kit left and it was negative. The kids didn’t seem to have that much trouble after that, thank goodness.

At that time, there was a huge outbreak of Covid Positive in the city, and the test kits were sold out at the pharmacy.

Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment on a date that would allow them to go back early if they test negative but the system seemed to be broken or I couldn’t log in to pre-register.

The school also said that I needed an antigen test at an official place to go back and they don’t take PCR test results.

The system changed for getting back to school

In the first week of school, a lot of things changed in the system, home Covid tests are given out and reported to the school, and the system also changed to where you can go back with the results of your home test. So I cancel my reservation at the Covid testing center.

As for me, I don’t fall into the CDC’s category of close contact person, because the last time I saw my child was over 24 hours ago, and I was negative.

I finally received two sets of home test kits from Amazon last week. It’s too late now. They’re still in short supply. I probably won’t use them for a while, though.

Fortunately, there was no one around me who got seriously ill, but I’ve been nervous since the beginning of the year about this system and the lack of test kits, and the fact that my workplace probably wouldn’t be able to handle it if something went wrong. They don’t have a good system to allow us to work remotely. I can’t really tell anyone about it.

Here comes a wave of covid. I hope it will soon be certified as a weakened form and treated as a normal cold.

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